Diabetic: Severe Diabetic Reaction

Diabetic Severe Diabetic Reaction

That is a part of a extreme diabetic response (though in truth that is fairly tame in comparison with some others that he is had). I’m posting this extra for schooling than something. If nothing else, maybe this may give any EMTs or nurses in coaching a heads up as to what they could encounter. Not all diabetics react on this manor, however my husband has extreme lows that contain the lack of management over his limbs. It may well get fairly intense. 22 grams of glucose had already been administered earlier than this video. At that time all you are able to do is watch for the sugar to be absorbed and attempt to assist him keep away from hurting himself or anybody/factor, so please do not suppose that I am simply doing nothing. This episode solely went on for an additional three or four minutes after I finished filming, throughout which I gave him one other 15 grams of glucose. ((Sorry in regards to the 30-60 seconds of simply sound – I assumed I had managed to show off the digicam… ))

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